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Andromeda Project

Level Design and Mission Design Breakdown
Storytelling, Gameplay and Worldbuilding in Unreal Engine 5
The firstborn child in the Andromeda Colony is named Amor, and he is about one year old now. It has been around seven years since the Andromeda Colony first landed on that moon. In this story, you play as Anna, one of Amor’s mothers. After the recent blackouts, our supplies are running low, and now we need to locate the central control in order to find the supply bases and oxygen generators scattered across the planets.

This open-world level was a significant challenge! My goal was to create a procedural pipeline to generate bases and speed up my blockout process. I accomplished everything using Unreal Engine 5 and Houdini, utilizing HDAs and exported meshes. I also used outsourced assets for the planet textures, in addition to the fantastic astronaut character model.

Miro Project Organization:
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