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Andromeda Project

Level Design and Mission Design Breakdown
Puzzle Prototyping in the Ethereal Realm of Unreal Engine 5
I would say that constructing puzzles within level design is one of my specialties as a designer. My process begins by conceptualizing a straightforward logic for solving them. In this particular instance, I opted for a color combination and union operation approach. The puzzle comprises three components: the central A, central B, and the Result Panel. Each central features a panel where players can manipulate color combinations by pressing [E] on the control panel.
Central A
Central B
Result A+B
Sem título-1_Prancheta 1.png
The result panel represents the union of the color combinations from each panel, and your objective is to turn all the lights on the result panel green. After designing the puzzle, the next step involves creating feedback and hints to assist the player in solving it. To accomplish this, I incorporate sound effects and visual cues, ensuring that players understand their actions.

In my concept, players will naturally deduce that the objective of the puzzle is to illuminate all the lights in green, as green universally signifies success. Additionally, I incorporated the element where players are required to approach the result panel and confirm their solution. This interaction ensures that players connect their actions with the resulting outcome.

Crafting a diegetic interface is essential for creating a well-contextualized puzzle. I have a deep appreciation for the design of this room, and in the end, I felt a strong sense of pride in how the entire building came together to resemble a puzzle in its own right.
Puzzle Design
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