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Andromeda Project

Level Design and Mission Design Breakdown
Crafting Narratives in the Cosmos of Game Design
Beat 1: The Generator Problem
I decided that the mission would start with the main character facing the power station door. The orange light serves as the building's safety indicator, helping to signal the door. The outdoor part of the mission involves a Lock and Key puzzle. The dialogue system appears with a line from Paru, introducing your goal of entering the power station.
Beat 2: Where is the ID Card?
At this point, the player will know that they need to find the ID Card. Now, it's time to explore the surroundings, understand a bit about the character's controls, and delve into the game's story. The workers used to live in this area, so it's possible that someone has the information you need to enter the power station building.
Beat 3: Dead by work
There are rumors about a worker's disappearance, a woman named Elizabeth. You discover a body in her living quarters that has been invaded by an unknown person. Together with this deceased individual, you find the ID card that you need.
Beat 4: Access Granted
Now, with the ID Card in hand, you can access the power station. A sense of mystery lingers in the air, as Elizabeth is still missing and the identity of the deceased worker remains unknown. 
Beat 5: Inside the generator building
The circular design of this building is my favorite characteristic of this level. There are two control rooms where you can change the code displayed at the top of the room. In the middle, you'll find the generator gate, and just in front of the gate is a totem where you can input the password. The entire building is a puzzle, and the circular design adds a fun element to exploring it.
Beat 6: Finding the control code
I completely changed this part. In the mission document, my initial idea was to create a platform puzzle where the player would need to enter the control room through a window. However, this concept became too complex to implement, so I opted for a combination puzzle instead. In this version, the player must interact with two control rooms to match the password
Beat 7: The energy control room
After solving the puzzle, you need to access the energy panel and activate the generator. With that, the mission is complete. Your friend Paru is now calling you to meet him at his base; he needs to talk with you.
Final Beat: Mission Complete
In Paru's base I tried to create a small space with everything necessary for a basic living, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and a living space. I also make sure of having the airlocks working. Paru will give you the next mission.
Mission Design
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