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Dedicated and skilled Game Designer with over 10 years of experience in the game industry. Strong background in Technical Art and Object-Oriented programming with C#. Passionate about creating innovative game levels and mechanics that enhance storytelling. Effective team leader with a track record of meeting project deadlines. Excited to contribute expertise and improve English language skills in a multi-cultural game company.


Level Design Bootcamp - Unreal Engine 5 and Houdini

March 2023 until October 2023

• Created different HDA assets to build 3D levels on Unreal Engine 5.
• Created multiple levels and has to explore different procedural pipelines.
• Used Blueprint to prototype game mechanics.
• Certified at Fundamentals of Houdini for 3D Artists, by CGMA School.
• Certified at Level Design for Games in Unreal, by CGMA School.

Chimera Entertainment - Technical Artist

NDA Titles (December 2020-March 2023)ˈ

• Implemented UI, animations, pipelines, and graphics exploration.
• Contributed to a multi-cultural game company, improving language skills.
• Worked alongside designers to bring their visions to life and ensure seamless integration of technical aspects with artistic design.
• Worked on cross-disciplinary teams, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment
that led to successful project outcomes.ˈ

Rogue Snail - Team Leader & Senior Gameplay Programmer

Relic Hunters Legend (June 2019 – December 2020)

• Led and supported the team to achieve technical and creative milestones.
• Ensured successful delivery of projects.
• Utilized Unity and C# to develop tools for the online game "Relic Hunters Legend"
• Implementing online gameplay features using Unity, C# and Photon Engine.

Cafundó Estúdio Criativo - Author, Game Designer and Level Designer

Tetragon (February 2017 – April 2019)

• Led and supported the team to achieve technical and creative milestones.
• Create documentation to define Features, Lore and TA Pipelines.
• Conceptualize the core mechanics and create 42 different puzzles.
• Create the pacing of the game with a total of 4 hours narrative puzzle experience.

Big Green Pillow - Consultant Game Designer

Slash Quest (Freelance, 2020)

• Write down feedback documentation over the whole game experience.
• Give feedback to improve gameplay, systems, level and combat design.

Game Indie Developer - Game Designer and Unity C# Programmer

(April 2015 - October 2017)

• Independently prototyped and developed own game concepts.
• Successfully delivered complete games multiple times.

Working Experience


•Game Design
•Level Design
•Visual Scripting


•Adobe Package
•Unreal Engine
•Unity Engine
•Blender 3D


•English, C1 Lv.
•Portuguese, Native Speaker.


•Nintendo Switch
•Playstation 4
•XBox One
•PC Steam
•Apple Arcade


​​• Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Game Design and Digital Media, Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, 2009-2012
• CGMA - Computer Graphics Master Academy, Level Design for Games, 2021
• CGMA - Computer Graphics Master Academy, Intro to Blender for Concept Art, 2022
• CGMA - Fundamentals of Houdini for 3D ArtistsFundamentals of Houdini for 3D Artist 2022ˈ
• CGMA - Computer Graphics Master Academy, Level Design for Games in Unreal, 2023

Prizes and Nominations

​​• Digital Dragon Awards, 2021 - Finalist with the game "Tetragon."
• Winner of the Google Indie Game Found during the year of 2022.
• Pixel Show Creative Award, 2019 - Winner of Best Game and Best Gameplay with "Tetragon."
• International Masters Games Association Award, 2019 - Nominee for Best Game with "Tetragon."
• Unreal Spring Game Jam, 2017 - Winner Best Android with "Bad Day Raccon."
• Graduation with Merit in Game Design, Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, 2012ˈ
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