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Andromeda Project

Level Design and Mission Design Breakdown
Visual Scripting
Breathing Life into Gameplay: Crafting Prototypes with Blueprint
Playing with Gravity
In this project, I fine-tuned the gravity to mirror the spatial atmosphere. The concept entails lower gravity on the outside and default gravity on the inside, allowing players to distinctly perceive the contrast between exterior and interior gameplay.
Throughout this season of Level Design at CGMA school, I aimed to delve into the realm of Lock & Key mechanics. Leveraging my experience in crafting puzzles for 2D games and my technical knowledge, I successfully integrated various puzzle experiences into the Andromeda Project.
Lock & Key System
Dialogue System
Weaving narratives through gameplay is my foremost and initial objective as a video game creator. Leveraging my background in UI integration, prototyping dialogue mechanics comes naturally to me. As a result, I chose to undertake this endeavor to enhance my exploration of mission design and character narratives
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