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Game Design Breakdown
Fairytale Enchantment: Breathing Life into Puzzles within Video Games
As the Game Designer and Author of Tetragon, I was involved in all aspects of the game. It took me seven years, from the prototype in 2014, to the game's release in 2021. In this breakdown, I will focus on a specific period when The National Cinema Agency of Brazil provided the necessary support for the full development of the game in 2018. Tetragon features four distinct areas: the Fruitful Forest, Gnik Castle, Deep Woods, and Ancient Stones. Each of these areas represents a unique emotional state within Tetragon.
Tetragon featured a total of 43 distinct puzzles and offered around four hours of gameplay. The puzzle design throughout the game maintains a sense of simplicity. However, this simplicity, when combined with the intrinsic narrative and game's continuity, creates a captivating atmosphere that immerses players in the 'Flow Zone.' The image above showcases several concepts that illustrate the color palettes and emotional progression found within the game. In this portfolio piece, I will concentrate on the first concept, the Fruitful Forest.
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