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  • Implemented UI, animations, pipelines, and graphics exploration.
  • Contributed to a multi-cultural game company, improving language skills.
  • Worked alongside designers to bring their visions to life and ensure seamless integration of technical aspects with artistic design.
  • Actively participated in brainstorming and problem-solving sessions, providing valuable input to enhance gameplay mechanics and user experience.
  • Worked on cross-disciplinary teams, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment that led to successful project outcomes.

X COM LEGENDS (2021 - 2023)

UI Technical Artist
  • Led a 7-person team, including artists, programmers, sound designer, and QA.
  • Took on roles of Game Designer, Project Manager, and Game Writer.
  • Provided leadership and support for achieving technical and creative goals.
  • Created defining documents for features, lore, UI, and technical art pipelines.
  • Managed pacing, puzzle design, level creation, challenge implementation, collectable placement, ambient design, and level storytelling.
  • Organized playtests and collaborated with QA for feedback.

TETRAGON ( 2021 )

Author & Game Designer
  • Supported and coordinated the crew to achieve technical goals for each milestone.
  • Led and supported the team to reach technical sprint goals.
  • Communicated with lead developers to comprehend technical aspects of features.
  • Coordinated junior developers for feature implementation.
  • Implemented online gameplay features using Photon Engine.
  • Collaborated closely with artists to integrate animations, VFX, and gameplay for new enemies.
  • Delivered builds for milestone releases and continuously integrated new features with other teams.


Team Leader & Senior Gameplay Developer
  • Contacted by Big Green Pillow to provide formal feedback on their featured game Slash Quest.
  • Played and thoroughly analyzed every level of the game.
  • Compiled and documented all feedback in a formal report.
  • Identified bugs and design inconsistencies throughout the gameplay.
  • Delivered comprehensive feedback via a formal document.


Game Design Consultancy
  • Created tools using C# to speedup pipelines. 
  • Integrated Characters, Skills, VFX, and UI.
  • Improved tool systems and lighting of scenes.
  • Created Animations for Character Skills. Communicate with the Art team to maintain quality integration


Technical Artist
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